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Be Educated: Riding a Motorcycle and Its Risks Involved

motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are like any other motor vehicle accidents. However, there is a certain uniqueness that comes with these unfortunate incidents, considering the two-wheeled vehicles’ inherent features and the risks involved when riding them. In fact, many attorneys for motorcycle accidents would agree that for every mile traveled, mishaps involving motorcycles are more likely to result in serious injuries or deaths, as shown by statistics from years ago.

Motorcycle riding and its risks

To begin with, motorcycles run on two wheels. Unlike cars and other motor vehicles, they are not enclosed and are much smaller and lighter. With these characteristics alone, it can be said that they are riskier to ride and operate than the typical sedans, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles. Granted that a person is not skilled enough to ride a motorcycle, the likelihood of getting injured or killed in a crash increases if the following innate motorcycle riding risks are not considered:

  • The motorcycle’s visibility (or lack thereof). Because of its small frame and the fact that it is easily hidden by on- and off-the-road objects, other motorists are less likely to see it passing by, especially at a busy intersection.
  • The motorcycle’s ability to withstand road hazards. If a car can easily pass through debris and other known road hazards such as wet pavements and uneven road surfaces, a rider would have to pass or elude them with extreme care. Otherwise, he or she may come crashing down the road, resulting in either injury or death.
  • The motorcycle’s lack of stability. The fact that the vehicle only has two wheels makes it dangerous to operate, especially if an unskilled rider tries to do high-risk behaviors such as unnecessary speeding.

Becoming an educated rider

It is good to be an educated rider. A motorcycle accident attorney in California often reminds riders that it is not enough for them to learn how to control and operate the vehicle. It is also imperative for an individual to know what causes motorcycle accidents. That way, he or she may be able to reduce the level of risk of getting seriously or even fatally injured. One of the factors why these unfortunate incidents happen is because of motorists’ lack of awareness towards other riders who are present on the road. Basically, more than a half of the motorcycle accident deaths recorded every year involved another motor vehicle. Most of the time, collisions often occur at intersections, and when vehicles make left-hand turns. A vehicle striking a rider in such instances is often fatal to the latter.

It is also imperative for a rider to make it a habit of wearing protective gears, particularly helmets, whenever riding the motorcycle, no matter how long or short the destination is. By putting them on, it makes riding more comfortable. It also allows the rider to better control the motorcycle and be able to be recognized by other motorists. More importantly, they greatly reduce the risk of getting severely injured, especially to the head. The main reason why motorcyclists are at greater likelihood of getting severely injured or killed is because of not wearing helmets.

Probably the most effective way to become an educated driver is to have the presence of mind. A rider has to assume that all drivers on the road do not see everything. He or she must also do his or her part to be watch out for other vehicles on the road. Taking evasive actions like slowing down while a car changes lanes or makes a turn can greatly increase the chances of avoiding a collision from happening.

Indeed, becoming an educated rider and keeping up at it can help solve the growing occurrences of motorcycle accidents in California. Lawyers who specialize in representing injured riders and their motorcycle injury claims constantly remind all motorists, not just riders, to exercise the simple method of being on the lookout, especially on the roads.


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